Il Tralcetto

As one of the most widespread white grape varieties in the wine world coming from the French area of Bordeaux, Sauvignon has always been appreciated for its remarkable ability to adapt to climates and soils that are also very different from each other.

icona-uva 100% Sauvignon blanc
icona-stagione Planting area San Foca, gravelly and clayey soil of alluvial origin.
icona-servizio Recommended with shellfish, seafood, pasta and fresh cheeses.
calice-vino-bianco Serve at 7°C, in carré glasses.

Among the rows of our vineyard in San Polo di Piave in Veneto, our Sauvignon “Il Tralcetto” is enriched with characteristic aromas with herbaceous and vegetable notes reminiscent of freshly mown grass and nettle, to which are added fascinating notes of exotic fruit.

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