Pinot Noir

Il Tralcetto

Pinot nero, also known as Pinot noir, is one of the most difficult red-berried grapes to grow and vinify, as it requires particular climatic conditions in order to best express itself in the vineyard, but is capable of producing wines of great class and elegance. It has a red colour that is never too pronounced and a characteristic scent of small red fruits.

vino_pinot noir
icona-uva 100% Pinot nero
icona-stagione Planting areas Basalghelle, Fontanelle, Vallonto, Monastier and San Polo, medium-textured and clayey soil of alluvial origin.
icona-servizio Excellent with roasted white meats and small game, soft cheeses, also blue.
icona-calice Serve at 16/18°C, in carré glasses.

The Pinot Noir Veneto “Il Tralcetto” is found in the clayey and medium-textured soils of our vineyards of Basalghelle and Fontanelle, with the ideal microclimate for its ripening, revealing itself as fine and elegant, savoury and full-bodied.

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